Alley Boy – Alley God

From the sacred testing grounds of Atlanta’ Zone 6 comes Alley Boy‘s latest body of work, figuratively named in his own likeness. Alley God strikes a balance between the historical allegiance provide by his parent label and his claim to all things Neo-Atlanta.

By virtue of repping the same ground covered by Duct Tape Entertainment in year’s past, Alley Boy is readily sensitive to the anxious pleas of the greater hip-hop community. But as you’ll come to understand soon enough, Alley Boy is way more concerned with gaining acceptance in his own backyard, than garnering a “like” from abroad.

100 songs were put into creation before Alley Boy even resorted to labeling this project “AlleyGod”. Three of those records would eventually get their own “independent” release in the midst of the album’s conception, by which Alley Boy had flown solo for the better of the recording process, only to accept a flurry of late submissions from the likes of 21 Savage and up-and-comers like Ola Runt, VL Deck, and Derez De’Shon.


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