Since his release from prison, Kevin Gates has been on somewhat of a prolific run, seemingly dropping off new songs at a moment’s notice. Now, the Baton Rouge lyricist has returned with “Right Game Wrong N***a,” a title rich in depth. It doesn’t take long for the ultimate tone to establish itself. In true Gates fashion, the man strings together a banging, percussive instrumental with soulful, reflective bars. Gates is, in many ways, workmanlike in his delivery; his flow is never flashy, but always technically proficient. Lyrically, he opts to deliver soulful reflections of reality as he sees it, rather than engaging in any semblance of verbal wizardry.

With a slight autotune tinge to his voice, Gates takes it back his prison sentence, setting the tone with a powerful image. “In the cell talking to myself I used to look out the window,” he raps. “Growing hair all over my head, a lot of things I envisioned.” As his images begin to surface, both positive and negative in nature, we get a greater sense of Gates’ mind. His strengths and insecurities, and how they come together to make him the man he is today.



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